About Us

The Mission of MakeupReleases.com

Our goal is to create the greatest, most detailed makeup (and beauty) product launch site and make the makeup lover community of the world happy.  We believe that woman need a medium – even in the age of Instagram – where they can find all useful information about anything regarding to upcoming beauty products.

We Are Independent

It is really important that Makeupreleases.com is an independent news site. We don’t belong to any big international media franchises. We don’t support any brands or write about any product because if we don’t think it’s good for our readers.

We Support Indie Brands

Nowadays, indie brands can have really hard times while trying to promote their goods in the shadow of huge multinational corporations. Therefore, our mailbox is always open for small, literally unknown manufacturers, if they produce quality products. Just feel free to reach us out, tell about your story and we will try to help by telling you about our audience.