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Moschino x Sephora Office Themed Makeup Collection


There is something exciting happening around here in the world of makeup. And you are missing it. Well actually not if you follow Makeup Releases regularly. We are here to keep you updated on any news that you might find useful. So buckle your seat belts because this next release is a wild one. Your favorite fashion brand is partnering …

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Beautylish Cannabis Makeup Brushes Collection


Hey there our favorite makeup fanatics! Are you ready to rise and shine with the help of yours truly? And yes, we do mean us. Your very own Makeup Releases is here to bring you some exciting news from the world of Makeup and Beauty. And we are going to start you off with some basic makeup essentials.

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Kylie Cosmetics Mattifying Setting Spray


Hey there makeup lovers! How have you been? Spending too much money on new makeup products? Well so did we. And how can we help it when we are obsessed with makeup and beauty products. And the makeup brands sure aren’t making it any easier for us. They keep finding ways to surprise us with new and exciting products.

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