Indie Makeup Brands That You Have to Try in 2019

Indie Makeup Brands You Have to Try in 2019 5

Instagram and YouTube revolutionized the world of beauty to the point where it’s really hard to decide where to spend your hard-earned money. Beauty junkies still love to shop for well-known brands at makeup heavens like Sephora. However, online shopping is just as exciting especially because there are so many creative indie brands that offer distinctive products. Meet the most …

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5 European Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands You Should Know

As we advance and learn more about the ingredients we put in our body and the process behind it, we start to realize that there are ways to change that and to make it better. The last century, some of the first beauty creams and makeup contained mercury and dangerous ingredients. Nowadays, most makeup doesn’t have bad ingredients (unless you …

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5 Cheap and Reliable Makeup Brands You Should Know

We are going to be honest, we used to think that cheap meant bad instantly. But the reality is that not everything that is cheap is bad. To the contrary, we have found treasures in cheap clothes as going to thrift shops and going to clothes markets. On the other hand, when we talk about makeup, we know that cheap …

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5 Influencer Founded Beauty Brands You Must Know

A couple years ago there were just a few beauty brands, most of them expensive and luxurious so makeup wasn’t a very popular, mainstream trend by the time. Of course women all over the world use makeup for long centuries, but a lot of things simply weren’t enough affordable for the masses. That was the rule until some people decided …

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