ColourPop Cosmetics Loose Pigments

Oh how we long for those warm summer nights when we can go out and enjoy the wonderful weather in a nice summer dress and an amazing makeup look. And ColourPop Cosmetics is not making it easier for us. They are continuing with their non stop releases of new and amazing products that make us want to jump right into the summer of 2019. They have now come up with 12 new amazing shades of loose pigments.

The new pigments have an improved and strong formula and can be used on your eyes, cheeks, body, lips and even nails. The creativity level has been officially risen. There seem to be no limits of the level of mastery you can create with these shades. The 12 available shades for you to choose from are:

  1. Love Me Hearter
  2. Tide Me Down
  3. Aardvark
  4. Pwr Up
  5. The Dunes
  6. Off The Charts
  7. Red Zone
  8. Doo Wop
  9. Elysian
  10. Fool 4 U
  11. Deep End
  12. Hundo

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Best events to wear the product on:

These pigments can be used on any given occasions. Depending on your mood and creativity you can choose to go all in and add them to every part of your body or be simple and just use one for your eyes, cheeks or lips.

Release Date:

April 11th 2019 at ColourPop Cosmetics Online


$6 each



We are completely mesmerized by ColourPop Cosmetics. They are truly making it hard for us to save some money for our vacation. It seems like every week they have yet another product that we have to get our hands on. And sadly we have to deal with the fact that we are going to be spending our salary on the 12 amazing shades of pigments. But at least we’ll be looking amazing come summer.

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