Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics Makeup Brand Release

Don’t we all just love hearing news about upcoming beauty brands. And especially when they come from people in the business. Like the lovely Jaclyn Hill. The ultra famous Instagram MUA is finally releasing her own makeup and beauty line and we are here for it 100 percent. She has been hinting of the release for so long that we can hardly wait to see what’s coming.

So far we know only that it’s going to be super sparkly. The teasers are hinting of a diamond inspired collection to mark the start of this new brand. It’s also a hint that the first product that will be released is a lipstick. What kind we have absolutely no idea. The official profile of Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics has only 6 posts and they are all matching the diamond inspired sparkly vibe. We hope there are a lot of goodies for us in store and soon.

Are you the right person for this product?

If you like to experiment and try new brands then you should definitely try this one. After all Jaclyn is a pro and she will never let us down.

Best events to wear the product on:

We are still not sure what’s in store for us. But we assume the products will be extremely sparkly and best suited for special occasions.

Release Date:

May 30th 2019





We love what we see by now. And we can’t wait to see more. So hold on tight makeup lovers because we are in for a rough ride. Or our wallets that is.

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