Jeffree Star Lip Scrubs Launch Date 2018 Holiday

More makeup and beauty products are coming up from one of our favorite beauty vloggers Jeffree Star. We’ve already covered his Alien eye-shadow palette and the new line of Liquid Velour Lipsticks and now there are new Velour Lip Scrubs. The cute lip scrubs are a mini edition of the utmost cuteness and have an intense formula to make your lips as soft as cotton. The names and the scents of the lip scrubs are all as delicious as they sound. Forst you have French toast that will make you want to try a little taste. Then there is one of our favorites Salted Caramel. Next one is the Pumpkin Pie coming up just in time for Thanksgiving and the last but definitely not the least there is one called Egg Nog. And now we are totally confused as whether we’re supposed to eat them or scrub them on our lips. Another bonus is the very cute make-up bag that comes with the collection. It’s white with green glitter on top. Jeffree hinted on new green bags that are coming very soon so stay tuned.

Are you the right person for this product? 

Let’s face it we all need a little bit of juicy lip scrub to make our lips as sultry and sexy as ever. The only question here is weather you like to use them. We here at Makeup Releases love lips scrubs. And the new collection from Jeffree Star is full of exciting choices.

Best events to wear the product on: 

Since it’s a scrub there isn’t an appropriate event to wear it except if you manage to make it look fashionable than by all means. But, we’ll say this, you can use this scrub every now and then when you relly feel like your lips need a little pampering.

Release Date:

November 9th 2018


12$ at Princess Polly



For something this sweet and necessary the Velour Lip Scrubs from Jeffree Star are really a bargain. Make sure you act fast and get your favorite one. We’re definitely going for the Salted Caramel. It snuck into our hearts.


Image source: Trendmood’s Instagram (@trendmood1)

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