Kylie Cosmetics New Nude Velvet Liquid Lipstick

Rejoice all makeup lovers. The new nude liquid lipstick from Kylie cosmetics is about to launch. The brand has been truly faithful when it comes to it’s line of matte liquid lipstick. It’s also the brand that has put matte lipsticks on the map. Now everyone is after the piece of that pie. But the cosmetics brand from the smallest member of the Kardashian sister clan is at the top of the game. In celebration of the momager Kris Jenner the good daughter is releasing a special line that celebrates her 63rd year in existence and success. The new nude lipsticks is the perfect shade for light to medium light skin color and it comes with a matching lip liner. We expect the brand to launch the make-up palette soon but we’ll make sure to give you the exact date of the launch asap. In the meantime make sure you circle November the 5th and get your favorite nude, velvet, liquid lipstick.

Are you the right person for this product?

In love with the classics? In love with matte liquid lipsticks? In love with every single product from Kylie cosmetics? If the answer to all questions is yes than you are the right person for this product.

Best events to wear the product on:

A classic such as this one can be worn anywhere at anytime.

Release Date:

November 5th 2018


29$ at Kylie Cosmetics



The new Todd Kraines Liquid Lipstick duo in celebration of Kris Jenner’s birthday is truly an amazing idea. The brand is using the classic nude shade and celebrating Kris’s love for it. The lipstick and the lip-liner are always a great investment since any make-up loving girl uses them on a daily basis. So come November 5th besides for wishing the biggest momager a happy birthday we’ll also make sure we have our favorite Velvet Nude Liquid Lipsticks.

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