MAC Bling Thing Collection Dazzle Drops
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MAC Bling Thing Collection Dazzle Drops

If there is one thing that marked 2018 that would definitely be the glitter. Shiny clothes, shoes, accessories and especially shiny makeup looks have been popping up non stop. And 2019 is just as good. We just can’t get enough of glitter and the makeup brands are taking notice. One of our favorite and best beauty brands MAC is never letting us down. They are managing to surprise us every single time and with every single one of their products.

As part of their new collection Bling Thing they are now releasing some surprising new products. The Dazzle Drops are the perfect product that you can use on your face and body. They have a soft, creamy texture that is super easy to apply and will leave you skin looking fresh and shiny. They truly are the perfect product to get that spring shine that we all strive for. There are two shades available Dazzlepink and Dazzlepeach.

Are you the right person for this product?

If you need some subtle glow and want to get an effortless makeup look that will make everyone lust for your glowing skin, then you are the right person for this product.

Best events to wear the product on:

This kind of glow can be an everyday occasion. you can wear it day and night and get amazing result every time.

Release Date:

April 11th 2019 at MAC Cosmetics


$31 each



We can’t help but give MAC a pure 10 for this new product. We enjoy having our skin glow in the spring sun and the Dazzle Drops will give us just that. The right glow and the biggest smile.

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