Melt Cosmetics Smoke Sessions Eye Shadow Palette Restock

If there is something we love the most about spring time, then it would definitely be the amazing colors that pop out everywhere. And we do mean everywhere. Not only in our lawns and gardens, but in makeup and beauty stores too. Especially when it comes to eye shadows. Every brand is making it so difficult for us to restrict our budgets. And Melt Cosmetics is definitely one of those brands.

Do you guys remember their sultry palette names Smoke Sessions. Inspired by a radical plant such as marijuana, the palette is an amazing creation with the greatest colors for spring. From dark green to gold metallic shimmer. This palette contains everything you need to be edgy and bold. So if you missed your chance to get it the first time around, now is your second chance. Make sure you mark the date and get ready to own one of these little babies.

Are you the right person for this product?

If you like shiny, bold and glowing eye-shadows then you are definitely the right person for this product.

Best events to wear the product on:

This kind of colors should be preserved for very special occasions. On times when you need some extra help to look radiant and daring.

Release Date:

April 20th 2019 PST and Melt Cosmetics Online





We gave this palette a glowing review just like it deserves. And we are not about to changeĀ  our minds. Because once you try this palette you’ll realise that

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