Moschino x Sephora Office Themed Makeup Collection

There is something exciting happening around here in the world of makeup. And you are missing it. Well actually not if you follow Makeup Releases regularly. We are here to keep you updated on any news that you might find useful. So buckle your seat belts because this next release is a wild one. Your favorite fashion brand is partnering up with your favorite makeup store to bring you an amazing new makeup collection.

Not sure what we are talking about? Well here are all of the details you need to know. Moschino is releasing another Makeup Collection that will definitely put a spring in our steps. The office inspired collection contains a gorgeous lap-top/makeup palette with 31 lovely shades of matte and shimmery colors, pencils/makeup brushes, erasers/makeup sponges, markers/lip glosses, markers/eyeliners, highlighters and nail polishes. They are all disguised as you office materials so make sure you don’t leave them at your desk. Because you might not get them back.

Are you the right person for this product?

If you love fun makeup collections then this one is definitely for you.

Best events to wear the product on:

The collection is super edgy and colorful so it might not be best suited for low key occasions.

Release Date:

April 25th 2019 at PST and Sephora





We love Moschino and we love Sephora so you might not have found this grade so surprising. But also the entire collection speaks for itself. It’s the best spring gift you can ever give yourselves.

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