Privacy Policy

The Data We Collect

Comments – Contact forms

When visitors leave comments or sends messages (via our contact form) on, we store the information displayed in the text fields. If you add a profile image (avatar), that will be displayed too.

Release Date Submissions

The information you send us – while submitting new releases – regarding to new products will be also saved in our database.


The availability and the functions of Makeup Releases ( requires the use of cookies. If you don’t accept this, please stop using the website or adjust the cookie settings of your browser.

Cookies for serving advertisements

Makeup Releases displays personalized ads and other promotions from our advertising partners. In order to do this these ads are using cookies. This way we can serve you personalized promotional content. If you don’t accept this, please set your cookie settings in the browser you are using or stop using our website.

The ads on Makeup Releases are served via Google Adsense. We also share some information about you with Google. You can learn more about the information we share with Google in the terms of Ad personalization (please click to read it).

Automatically Collected Information

When accessing or using Makeup Releases (, we will automatically collect information that may include:

Log data:

Makeup Releases ( can collect your language, the type of your internet browser, IP, access time, the sub pages you have visited on the site and other website analytics information.

Device Information:

While reading the release dates, using the site etc.. we can collect and store the following information: your IMEI number, MAC address, UID (unique device identifier) and mobile network info.

Information Usage

The collected data can be used to maintain and improve the services of Makeup Releases.

We can analyze the trends regarding the usage of Makeup Releases and monitor user activity.