Submit New Release Dates

As our goal is to provide you the most complete list of new beauty product releases, you can send us the release dates of any kind of makeup and cosmetic products.

Before filling our submission form, please read our rules.

What kind of products can I submit?

The primary focus of is on cosmetic products. So any makeup and beauty related item can be added.

What is the deadline to submit a product?

We can’t publish products that are already available on the market. Therefore please submit products that hasn’t been released yet. The latest date when you can send us release dates is before 2 days of the official release date. This helps us to post new products before the official release and keep our content fresh.

Do you accept products from smaller manufacturers?

Absolutely yes! It doesn’t matter which brand produces the product. We would love to feature the creations of smaller, or up and coming makeup brands!

Can I submit the release dates of perfumes?

Yes! But we are picky with fragnances. Therefore we can’t guarantee that every submitted perfumes will be added.

How long does it take until my submission gets featured on the site?

Our main goal is to publish everything as soon as we can before the official release date of the item. Therefore you can send us products months before they will be released.

What should I write for the additional info?

Anything you think is important about the product. If you have any insider info like what was the inspiration during the development or anything else, just add it. It will help us to write a better intro about the product.